September 13, 2023
Introducing Wondering: The AI-Powered User Insights Platform
Meet Wondering, a new way to understand your customers, powered by AI.

Over the past few years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of user research and product teams at companies ranging from small startups to established enterprises. Through these conversations, it’s become clear that several challenges prevent modern product teams from making user-centered decisions and building product experiences their customers love.

Things like:

  • Time: There’s never enough time in the day for product managers, designers, and marketers…especially those working in scrappy start-ups and in smaller, less-resourced teams. And while user feedback is absolutely essential, it can take weeks (even months) to plan, execute, and analyze research. Often never happening at all.
  • A lack of deep insights: While static surveys and canned questions might scale, they’re limited in their ability to really dig deep into a customer’s experience. It’s conversations - the back and forth between user and researcher - that extract meaningful insights.
  • Expertise: The hard work that goes into conducting user interviews is futile without effective analysis. And a good analyst is hard to find. They need to have an incredible attention to detail, a deep understanding of your product and customers in order to make sense of feedback, and the ability to synthesize an incredible amount of data into actionable insights. (A lot…) easier said than done.

That’s why today, we’re announcing a new AI-powered user insights platform and changing our name from Ribbon to Wondering. We believe AI-assisted user research and discovery can transform how product and go-to-market teams make decisions, empowering them with actionable insights at a speed and scale previously unimaginable.

Keep reading to learn more about our new offering, and how you can join our Beta program.

A completely new type of user insights platform, powered by AI

Our new AI Interviewer complements methods like user interviews, usability tests, and surveys and makes it easier for product, research, and marketing teams to ensure continuous discovery to build better products and more effective go-to-market strategies.

Here’s how:

  • Get more feedback, faster: Collect feedback from 50, 100, 200+ people in minutes instead of months. All you have to do is set-up the study, and our AI Interviewer will do the rest. Yep, including follow-up questions.
  • Meet your customers where they are: Reach your users on your website or in-app via a simple integration, use a custom link to invite participants to complete your survey, or leverage our global panel of 120k participants. Set specific triggers and filters to automate the process of collecting feedback from the right people, at the right time.
  • Rich analysis in seconds: Wondering’s AI Interviewer summarizes results from user interviews, usability tests, and surveys in seconds, including key insights and sentiment analysis.

AI-assisted research is a completely new way of thinking about user research, so let’s go through how Wondering can help you get actionable user insights faster than before.

Step 1: Build your study

Wondering’s AI-assisted study builder guides you in building a new study in minutes. As you design your study, Wondering detects and rectifies errors and biases in your questions, ensuring you generate the most effective study you can to glean the insights you seek.

After crafting your research questions, Wondering dynamically creates a research study that asks relevant follow-up questions to your participants until you’ve uncovered the data you’re after. Just like user researchers do during normal user interviews. Wondering’s GPT-powered, purpose-built AI models have been trained on a large sample of user research data to make sure it follows best practices and can deal with the wide range of scenarios that can come up during conversations with customers and participants.

AI-assisted studies allow collection of responses as voice recordings, open-text, ratings, and multiple-choice queries. You can even combine them with interactive prototype tests using popular prototyping tools like Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, or live-website tests from other platforms

Step 2: Recruit participants in-product or from our new global panel

To help you answer even more of your research questions, we’ve also launched our own research panel of over 120K global participants, powered by Prolific. When you launch a research study in Wondering, you can quickly recruit participants from our panel, filtering participants based on criteria such as location, interests, and experiences.

You can also still recruit research participants directly from your websites using our WebSDK, enabling you to gain contextual insights to optimize conversion rates, reduce customer churn, and enhance your product's overall usability.

Step 3: Go from data to insights with AI analysis

Each response you collect in Wondering is analyzed in real-time, helping you decide what you should do next by pulling out key themes, summaries, and quotes from your studies. As you collect more research data, Wondering continuously updates your insights and recommendations, allowing you to stay in sync with what your customers need.

Join our Beta program

With the help of AI-powered research tools like Wondering, resource constrained teams can gather actionable user insights faster, without compromising on research quality. Want to start running AI-assisted research studies to help you build products your customers love? Join our Beta program and we’ll reach out to get you onboarded as we gradually roll out Wondering.

Happy researching,

Axel Thomson

Founder & CEO of Wondering